Why Europe’s youngest billionaire chose India over the west?

The great potential in India and a meaningful life attract him.

Fabien Pinckaers, one of Europe’s youngest billionaires, made a surprising move.

He chose to live in India, ditching the big city life.

Guess he traded in skyscrapers for spice markets.

Illustrated portrait of Europe's youngest billionaire Fabien Pinckaers

But why India, a country far removed from the plush offices of Silicon Valley or the historic streets of European capitals?

The answer lies not just in the business opportunities that India presents but also in the personal beliefs and values that guide Fabien.

He’s building a multi-billion dollar empire, Odoo, a suite of open-source business apps that cover all your company needs, like CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Illustration of Fabien Pinckaers sitting on a Rickshaw and seeing cows sitting on street.

Potential of India

For starters, Fabien’s journey to India wasn’t a detour; it was a strategic move.

India’s economy is not just growing; it’s booming.

The booming economy gave Fabien a great chance to grow and innovate in ways he couldn’t find anywhere else.

His company Odoo is worth more than $3.75 billion, and he found India super exciting.

He saw huge opportunities for his business to grow in India because the country speaks English, it’s growing fast, and its market is open.

Unlike other developing countries, everything is green in India.

The ease of scaling operations in India particularly caught Fabian’s eye.

In Europe, assembling a small team of developers could take as long as nine months—a timeframe incompatible with the fast-paced tech world.

India, on the other hand, allowed him to rapidly build a substantial development team, accelerating his company’s growth and responsiveness to market demands.

Illustration of Fabien Pinckaers and Arjun having conversation at a tea stall in India

Beyond Business

Fabien’s love for India isn’t just about work.

Living in Gujarat, he found life not just cheaper but also as good as, if not better than, what you’d find in the West.

Fabien questions if moving to the West really means living a better life.

He believes in the West, life’s expensive, and you might have to work harder to earn more.

This could actually make life not so great.

Fabien is also drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates Indian society.

He appreciates the hard-working ethos and sees India’s proficiency in English, its democratic governance, and its open market as strategic advantages over other BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

This combination, he believes, positions India uniquely on the global stage, making it an attractive hub for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Illustration of Fabien Pinckaers showing Samosa and liking it.

Fabien’s Philosophy

On a more personal note, Fabien subscribes to a minimalist lifestyle, finding joy in simplicity and work rather than material possessions.

This philosophy aligns with his life in India, where he focuses on the impact his work has rather than accumulating materialistic stuff.

By reinvesting his earnings back into his company by buying back equity, he demonstrates a commitment to his mission over personal gain.

Fabien challenges common perceptions by showing that happiness comes from lowering expectations and engaging deeply with one’s work and the community.

His decision to live and work in India shows how much he believes in India over other developing countries.

Illustration of Fabien Pinckaers with a cup of tea a laptop on a table in his office in India.

Wrapping up

Fabien’s journey illustrates a deep belief in India’s future and its people.

It highlights a path less traveled, where success is measured not by geographical location but by the impact one can have.

In choosing India, Fabien not only embraces its market potential but also its culture, its people, and a philosophy of life that prioritizes simplicity, hard work, and fulfillment over material wealth.

In this competitive world of business, India stands out as a place full of chances, and visionary founders like Fabien are leading the way.

They show how mixing ideas and resources from the East and the West can bring mutual benefits in many ways.

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