Building $80K a Month Business by Learning to Code in 6 Months

4 years of grinding and building solo.

In the super competitive space of social media management, Tim Bennetto defied the odds, taking from a humble start to an impressive $80K Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in just 4 years. 

His story is a testament to determination, resilience, patience and the power of continuous learning.

Tim Bennetto – Founder, Pallyy

A Humble Beginning: Learning to Code

With zero coding background, Tim spent six months learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Nuxt through platforms like CodeCademy. 

After arming up with the newfound coding skills in just 6 months, he set out to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Pallyy.

The MVP was a simple Instagram analytics platform.

Initial Hurdles and Pivots

The launch of Pallyy was far from glamorous. 

Despite a lack of audience, Tim persisted, launching on ProductHunt with minimal success.

Undeterred, he pivoted, realizing that the initial “sharing” feature wasn’t resonating with users. 

Focusing on user feedback, he shifted gears to build a robust analytics dashboard, marking the beginning of Pallyy’s evolution.

An X post by Tim, illustrated.
An X post by Tim

Navigating Plateaus and Strategic Pivots

Pallyy encountered its first major hurdle as growth plateaued for nearly two years. 

Users were asking for post-scheduling features and analytics, but Instagram’s API limitations were his challenge.

Tim didn’t flinch when Instagram opened its API for post publishing. 

In a week, he developed the scheduling feature, later expanding to support multiple social platforms.

Rebranding for Success

Pally was called ShareMyInsights when it started.

He realized it was too niche. 

He recommends choosing an abstract name for a business so that it doesn’t have issues broadening in the future. 

Recognizing the need for a rebrand to align with Pallyy’s expanded features, Tim transformed “ShareMyInsights” into the catchy and versatile “Pallyy.” 

The rebrand, accompanied by a new logo, set the stage for the platform’s broader appeal.

Marketing Breakthrough

Tim candidly admits to a slow start in marketing, a critical lesson learned. 

After two years of building different features and refining the product, he invested in SEO optimization, created feature pages and alternative pages, and launched an affiliate program. 

He utilizes the power of building and buying free tools which are relevant to Pallyy to bring traffic to his website.

This marked the turning point, leading to a remarkable 10x growth in the subsequent year.

An X post of Tim, illustrated.

Strategic Price Increase

Acknowledging the importance of staying competitive in a crowded market, Tim strategically increased Pallyy’s pricing by $3 per user. 

Contrary to what most founders and marketers say, Pallyy’s users embraced the change, resulting in a substantial $10K+ boost in MRR.

Team Expansion and Future Growth

While Tim’s 4 years solo journey was admirable, he recognized the need for a team. 

Hiring a senior developer marked a significant shift, addressing scalability concerns and setting the stage for further growth. 

With plans to expand the team further, Tim envisions a future with enhanced development and support capabilities.

One of Tim’s X posts.

The Takeaway

Anyone can build SaaS.

Tim’s journey underscores a fundamental truth: building a successful Software as a Service (SaaS) doesn’t require a traditional background or degrees. 

His recipe for success? 

Start learning to code and figure out the rest along the way. 

Motivated by a desire for a better lifestyle and the freedom to skate whenever he wanted, Tim relentlessly pursued his vision, ultimately transforming the idea into a thriving business.

Tim’s story of building Pallyy serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs – a reminder that with motivation, continuous learning, and adaptability, anyone can turn their vision into a reality.

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