Two Indian Teenagers Raised $2.3M From the AI GOAT

How did these teens get in contact with the AI sensei?

Two Indian teenagers, Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak, have managed to secure a massive $2.3 million in seed funding for their AI startup, Induced AI. 

And guess who invested in them? 

None other than Sam Altman, the big-shot CEO of OpenAI, who’s highly respected in the AI industry.

Image Credits: Induced AI

So, what’s Induced AI all about? 

Well, it’s a cloud-based platform that lets users automate tasks without needing to know any fancy coding stuff. 

You can simply describe your workflows in plain English, and their AI magic converts it into pseudo-code that AI agents can execute to automate those tasks. 

Sick, right?

These two young guns, both just 17 years old, started Induced AI back in the beginning of 2023 after realizing the immense potential of AI in automating various tasks across different industries. 

They firmly believe that their platform can make AI automation accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their tech know-how.

Now, let’s talk about the funding

Altman, along with Peak XV, led the seed funding round for Induced AI. 

And that’s not all – they were joined by other notable investors like Signalfire, Superscrypt, SV Angel, IDEO Colab Ventures, Human Capital, On Deck, and Untitled Ventures. 

That’s quite the dream team!

Altman’s investment in Induced AI speaks volumes about the company’s potential and the founders’ vision. 

He’s a true AI enthusiast and has invested in several AI startups in recent years.

Altman himself expressed his excitement, saying, “Induced AI is building a powerful and accessible platform that can democratize AI automation. I’m thrilled to partner with Aryan and Ayush, and I truly believe that Induced AI can revolutionize the way businesses operate.”

The birth of Induced AI

Aryan started Induced AI with one goal in mind: diving into AI projects and exploring exciting tech opportunities. 

He teamed up with his buddy Ayush, and together, they had previous experience working on AI ventures. 

Aryan even had a scholarship to study in the US, but he ditched college because he was pumped about AI advancements. 

Their journey to build Induced AI happened naturally, starting with hackathons and personal projects that revealed intriguing patterns.

How did the teens get in touch with Sam Altman?

To connect with investors like Sam Altman, Aryan and Ayush mixed things up with a combo of cold outreach and mutual connections. 

Aryan even sent emails to people he wanted to collaborate with, including Sam Altman. 

As time passed, they made friends in the tech industry and bumped into Sam Altman at events and conferences. 

After three years of staying in touch, they finally pitched their idea to Sam when they were ready to raise funds for Induced AI.

In the midst of it all, Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman had their backs too. 

They provided a grant through their accelerator program, which was like striking gold for AI companies. 

The grant included access to a fancy GPU cluster, a valuable resource for developing AI technology.

In a nutshell 

With industry heavyweight Sam Altman on board as an investor, along with a stellar lineup of other backers, Induced AI aims to democratize AI automation.

This dynamic duo’s journey from hackathons to securing funding is a testament to their passion and the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing businesses.

Keep an eye on these rising stars as they pave the way for a new era of accessible AI automation.

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