How Molly-Mae Reached 1 Million Followers by Spending $8500

This is probably the best ROI ever.

An English social media influencer Molly-Mae did something incredible before hitting 1 million followers on her Instagram.

What did she do?

She spent $8500 on giveaway gifts.

Here’s the return for spending this money on gifts.

  • 270k new YouTube subscribers
  • 210k new Instagram followers
  • 550k new followers of her brand, Filter by Molly-Mae

That’s less than $1/follower. Probably the best ROI ever. 

Graph of Molly's followers growth
Image source: Marketing Examples

Let’s break that down.

The best this Molly did was she timed her giveaway with reaching 1 million YouTube subs.

This gave it a purpose.

It wasn’t just an attempt to get some new followers. It was a celebration of achieving her goal. 

People dug that and supported her.

Molly's giveaway post
Image source: Marketing Examples

Here’s what Molly asked people to do. 

She asked her followers to “like and tag”. 

She also offered bonus entries for “multiple tags” or if users shared the post to their stories.

Each one created a mini viral loop which helped the post spread. And it exploded.

Her post got 1.9M comments (1900x her average).

Her aim for most giveaways is to grow the account hosting the giveaway.

But the problem is you end up with a load of new followers who unfollow or disengage after. 

Molly-Mae knew that would happen.

That’s why her main goal wasn’t to attract new followers (who just want the prize). 

Her main goal was to make the existing followers follow her brand account and YouTube.

And she managed to pull over 820k followers!

Yes, it’s well-executed. But for $8500, the return is still insane.

Molly-Mae’s personal brand is what makes the difference.

The numbers could be way lesser if a fashion brand or any other brand runs the same giveaway.

People follow people.

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